About us

Ecodrop is an eco-friendly consumption path, made of practical advice and new ideas to prevent the excessive consumption of plastic in our daily life.

The project was born in Milan by the enthusiasm of four digital renegades who felt they could no longer let the destruction of our world be the responsibility of governments and corporations.

Environmental destruction is eroding our habitat. Earth has seen many civilizations ebb and flow, though the tidal force of current technology can evaporate rivers, eradicate skyscrapers and exterminate ecosystems. A surge that causes irreversible disruption would render the planet’s oceans and meadows inhospitable to life.

Yet there is an undercurrent of hope.

The biggest positive benefits for sustainable environments should not be just about governmental or corporate reductions in our global carbon footprint, but also smart decisions by all of us — many billions of people — through encouraging a different approach to household waste and energy consumption without compromising the quality of life.

Every product we recommend has been researched extensively, and we only partner with the best suppliers of natural products and resources. Small changes will help to decrease our environmental footprint, helping to grow and sustain our world economy while maintaining a sustainable environmental living and ensuring vibrant ecosystems for the next generation.

What will bring about a cleaner future?

We don’t claim to have all the answers. We are, humbly though proudly, mere drops of small daily changes. When individual choices flow in the same direction and reach critical mass, they unleash a tsunami of change that takes the world by storm.